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The VM is kind enough to show its Ip in the login screen...

...so no need to host discovery and we can get right into business with some recon:

it looks like a standard ssh on port 22 (connecting to it provides no hints), a web server on port 80, a MySql server on 3306 and an unknown service running on port 5355.
Connecting to the latter one with nc shows non results, it is maybe a decoy.
So let's see what's on the web server... After checking the different pages I run sqlmap on contact.php (no joy) but I get my hopes high when I see this:

after running different instances on sqlmap with different settings I gave in.

I then remembered that I got so excited that I didn't run dirsearch.py... and nikto... Bingo!

so it looks like directory traversal is possible... let's get passwd...

...and let's see what users are present on the target box:

Interesting, there is a "back-user" which runs a /usr/local/script/backup.sh, so I get it:

So now there's a tar file under /backups which gathers /home* and /var/www/html, downloaded that too:
It seems like the download goes on forever, so I interrupt it out of fear of maxing out my VM memory, nonetheless the file appears to be uncorrupted and I can extract it:

After extraction I have access the various /home/* dirs and, under Paul's, there's a folder named keys which contains 6 pairs of ssh key.
Trying them all....

...until on id_key4 I get in...
...or so it would appear: I am greeted with a program called Pdmenu which gives the chance to run some commands on the machine.
It reminds me of a restricted bash, at least in the way I am going to escape it.




I manage to get a shell as paul:

One of the first things I do is checking the source of admin.php, to see what's up with that... it was a troll! :(

I start looking around and I find /var/www/html/images/rubber-duck.jpg which is owned by user bob, and upon which I spend/waste a lot of time and thoughts with the belief that it was the next step.
After running out of options, however, I move forward until I search for files with setuid 4000:

It is striking the presence of a program named exim-4.84-7. I searchsploit for any known vulnerabilities and get this:

Amongst the results I individuate one applicable, even if not entirely, so I change it a little to meet the environment:

...it seems to work :)I can now spawn a reverse shell:

I start a netcat listener and grab the flag! VICTORY :P
Great and fun challenge, so thanks to Ryan Oberto and VulnHub.com !!!

Happy rooting by Shell0ck :)